Study Masters (MS) in Sweden, Germany, France, Netherlands

Graduate Studies in Europe:

A Master’s degree is called Graduate program. It corresponds to the Post - Graduate education in other countries. A Master's degree is awarded as basic professional qualification or as an advanced research degree in academic or professional fields of study. After successful completion of the graduate program, an M.A, M.S or M.B.A degree is granted. Generally these degrees are awarded after 2 years of graduate studies, however the length of some programs may depend on the requirements of the discipline or research related to the subject being studied.

The Master's degree classes can have an average of 20 - 24 students.

Post-Graduate Studies in Europe:

These studies grant the PhD degree to the holders. The inclination of these programs is more towards research than endowing the professional environment. Having the sufficient work experience in the related area boosts up the chances of enrollment and suitability for funding. Although a very few universities accept a student with 16 years of education in the PhD course, however, a candidate with a Bachelor's and a Post-Graduate degree (that is 16+ years of education ) is more eligible due to the high competitive nature of the curriculum.

The Doctoral degree classes have an average of 10 - 12 students.