The overall experience was really great. The team guided my son very well. Also they were very cooperative in every sense. Great guidance during mock interview & financial guidance. Ms. Trupti Narkar was very co-operative.

Mr. Ravindra Kadam - Parent of Mr. Akshay Kadam, Auburn Ms in Industrial Engineering, Fall 2017 - Auburn University

I love the way Grad-Dreams Team motivates you and believes in you and also they spread the vibes to your parents too since they are the most worried in the whole process. They team is pretty systematic and well informed. Grad Dreams was more cautious about all the steps and that was great. There is always scope for improvement as they say and I am sure they will keep growing. Admission consulting was good. University selection was a little tedious for me since I was applying for PhD. I loved the visa mock preparation. It was an excellent training given and helped in boosting my confidence. Ms. Trupti Narkar was my advisor and she always was soft spoken and like an elder sister throughout.

Ms. Sailee Sham Lavekar, Indianapolis PHD in Biology / Biological Sciences, Fall 2017 - Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

It was a good experience and thank you to the team for guiding me throughout the process. It was a great experience - especially visa mock interviews. My advisor, Ms. Dakshata Divekar is very co-operative and helpful. I am very thankful to her.

Ms. Hetvi Shah, Newark MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Fall 2017 - New Jersey Institute of Technology

When I started to look out for consultancies, I met a few people but wasn't very appealed with the service. When I first came to Grad-Dreams office in Thane, I got to met Mr. Gajanan. The way he expatiated the importance of choosing university, course as per interest and even future aspects, I decided to go ahead with Grad-Dreams!

During the whole process everyone put in substantial efforts.

  • University selection: Though I made multiple changes in the list we finalized based on my preferences, it was a learning curve for me. There was always a reason to choose a particular university and co-relation with my area of experience and interest.
  • Application Process: This became so easier due to the step-wise process followed by the team at Grad-Dreams. It didn't kill much of my time and efforts as it was very well organized and implemented. I took hardly a day to go through applications filled, and one more day to give all documents for courier.
  • Visa: The most crucial part of the whole process. Starting from the DS-160 till mock interviews, it was a smooth process. Again this process was also a systematic procedure, so didn't give too much pressure, or extra number of days / weeks for mock interviews. Just a day was enough!! And it worked.

My Advisor Ms. Shradha Kadam was cooperative, answering all queries with zeal, helping and curious to search in case she doesn't know about something I asked. Yet I would suggest a 24 hour helpline in future.

I believe the success key behind all this is the throughout research, over the years they have experienced various kinds of profiles, situations and circumstances. This is the result of all those hard worked years. Here, right from the junior most member till the CEO everyone is friendly and hospitable. Thank you so much for helping me throughout this procedure. My decision to choose you was worth!

Ms. Sharvari Aurangabadkar, Flint MS in Computer and Information Science, Fall 2017 - University of Michigan-Flint

I am thankful to Grad-Dreams for all their support and encouragement through the process. I had a great Counseling experience with Grad-Dreams. The complex Admission Process, from selecting Universities to the Visa interview, seemed so simple. The Mock interviews conducted by Mr. Gajanan Godbole before Visa were very helpful. Ms. Trupti Narkar helped reduce the burden on me tremendously by helping throughout the process. She made the whole process go smooth and uncomplicated for me. It was probably because of her guidance that I made it! All in all, it was a great experience and I thank her for this.

Mr. Mayuresh Pillai, Thousand Oaks MS in Information Technology, Fall 2017 - California Lutheran University