About Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences is a multi-disciplinary subject and one of the major academic specialties. Social Sciences include the study of social behavior, its evolution, adaptations, and other phenomenons that impact the lives of people all over. It is inter-disciplinary in the sense that it considers the historical, geographic and cultural data to study, analyze and understand the infinite possibilities of social reactions and actions of social responses and actions.

Humanities and Social Sciences Prospects

A career in Humanities and Social Sciences is a good option for students who want to pursue and work for a social cause or related sectors. Usually, Humanities and Social Sciences is a department and specializations like Psychology, Social Welfare, Women & Gender Studies, Criminology & Justice, Economics, Linguistics. With a degree in, Humanities and Social Sciences, you will have the opportunities to work in Sociology Research Centers, UN organizations, NGO’s and various other organizations depending on your specializations.

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