Hospitality, Travel and Tourism industry is one of the most booming and flourishing industries in the modern times. The world has come closer because of advanced communication, speed transport, networking technology, etc. Hence, people all over the world are traveling like never before to a variety of places. This discipline as a career focuses on ensuring the best service delivery. It lies at the core of the service industry. Anyone who wishes to pursue this as a profession should be ready to inculcate and built up the qualities and skills required as per the rules followed by these industries. Students should be willing to work on holidays, weekends and in shifts at the early stages of their career. Hotel management or Travel and tourism management can be further divided into Cooking, Housekeeping, Cabin Crew, Aviation management, Business travel, Leisure travel, etc.


The Hospitality and Travel and Tourism industry is certainly prospering by the day beyond expectations. The prospects and possibilities of people traveling has had a huge impact these sectors in the last 3 decades. As people travel more and more the requirement and employment opportunities in these sectors are increasing. Airlines, Hotels are expanding their operations overseas. Considering these factors, studying Hospitality / Travel and tourism seems to be a promising decision.

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