About Engineering

Engineering means to convert the natural and man-made resources into tools to the advantage of human population. It means to design develop and build the machinery or technique that would save people's energy, money, time and other resources. Engineering covers multiple segments viz. Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Marine, Aerospace, Bio-medical, Civil, etc. With time, a number of segments have emerged and become the most important part of the engineering industry. Engineering is a field where theory and practical experience are both equally crucial. Students will understand the application of theory only when they put it to practice.


Engineering is an ever-expanding field and has always been flooded with opportunities for students and professionals. Engineering as a career is a demanding discipline and students are expected to be job-ready when they start working. Hence, it is advisable to gain work experience as a trainee while you are studying. A masters degree is preferable. Across industries and companies, engineers are always in demand to perform tasks that are unique to their profession and which cannot be performed by a person without the specialized knowledge required to perform it. Hence, the prospects for a successful career in Engineering are extremely well

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