About Agriculture

Agriculture studies comprises of a inter-disciplinary field for a variety of purposes like efficient yield and agricultural produce to maintain and improve the supply and quality of food and beverages. The basis of agricultural studies is to linked to farming. In recent times it also involves the study of science and technology that can assist the groundwork by saving time, energy, and money. Agricultural research involves Agricultural technological research, hybrid plantations, Botany, soil studies, artificial farming, indoor farming, etc

Agriculture Prospects

Agriculture is the oldest occupation and you can obviously guess its importance and necessity for the survival of human population. A masters degree in Agriculture you can work as an Farming agent, Agricultural analyst, Plant Pathologists, Agricultural construction engineers, Agri-business entrepreneurs, Agricultural economists, Food scientist, Bio-informatics scientist, Environmental Engineer, etc. You might work across many industries and companies once you complete your degree. There is a lot of scope for research in Agriculture and many programs are offered by reputed universities.

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