It was great working with Grad-Dreams. Ms. Dakshata helped me a lot and Mr. Gajanan's tips were really helpful for the Visa part. They are good, in fact great! My adviser was Dakshata and she understood my problems well and she was the one who actually pushed my about doing things. Their Mumbai branch is where the processing happens and it would be great to see that all their other offices grow as well.

Mr. Ananya Chakraborty, Richardson MS in Information Science, Fall 2017 - University of Texas at Dallas

My experience was really good and everything went so smoothly. I hardly faced any issue during the admission and the visa process. I would like to recommend Grad-dreams to my friends consulting, because of their detailed documentation work; let it be for admission or for visa. Students become well prepared and ready for both! Ms. Dakshata Divekar always helped me with all my queries whenever I called her up. Grad-Dreams selected universities as per my requirements. To enhance the experience I would suggest them to have one to one student interactive sessions while choosing Universities best for their course and fitting correctly into all the conditions!

Mr. Ramanathan Choodamani, Los Angeles MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Fall 2017 - University of Southern California

Everyone is very cooperative and helps you out in every circumstance. The response over a query is very quick and helpful. Mr. Prashant Pawar and Ms. Trupti Narkar's guidance over University short-listing and admissions was very well directed. They made the admission process pretty easy and convenient for me. And regarding Visa process, the sessions conducted by Mr. Gajanan Godbole and Ms. Shrutika Chitnis boosted my confidence to a very high level. It’s due to their sessions that I was able to perform well at the interview and get my Visa approved.

My advisor was Ms. Trupti Narkar and she was very supportive and helpful. She even answered the minutest query I had and always boost my confidence throughout the admission process. It was great working with her. I would like to thank Grad-Dreams for the guidance and support they provided me. Their services are perfect!

Mr. Akshay Kadam, Auburn MS in Industrial Engineering, Fall 2017 - Auburn University

Grad dreams helped me a lot in getting admission and with every query through the process. They were very friendly and encouraging and I am happy I went with Grad dreams as they guided me very well. They are very informative, especially my advisor Ms. Trupti Narkar. She was very helpful in guiding me to each and every step of very complex admission process. Keep up the good things that you are doing right now.

Mr. Ajinkya Shivdikar, Fairfax MS in Computer Engineering, Fall 2017 - George Mason University

Grad Dreams is equivalent to an honest friend who was with me in my journey right from the admissions to the visa! Happy to be a part of Grad Dreams! The flow with which the application and Visa consulting went was really appreciable. Hence I can taste success today! They helped me with the university selection process as per my profile, even though I wanted to aim at difficult ones. My advisors were amiable and hence this long process was rather enjoyable because of their hard work! A pumpkin full of thanks for the rest of the staff too! I wish Grad Dreams the best and hope they open more centers in other major cities so that other students will benefit from their expertise!!!

Ms. Neha Thigale, Richardson MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Fall 2017 - University of Texas at Dallas