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WhatsApp groups can be a boon to the students who are flying abroad to realise their study abroad dream as WhatsApp in place of a communication channel is not only a great source of information but it also saves time and cost while improving efficiency of information exchange.

Join the groups below to get instant, most updated & authentic information about applications, admissions, fee waivers, scholarships, admissions decisions & more. Consult our Enrolment Coach & take the right decision.

Please Whatsapp with a request to join the relevant group. Your number will be added to the respective group only after your request is received and verified. This is done to avoid spammers from circulating unwanted content on the group.

Furthermore, our advisors send notifications during the processes of University Selection, Applications, Admissions and VISA. As a matter of fact, WhatsApp has reduced email communication to half as it enables our students and their advisors to exchange links, images and get their doubts resolved immediately. Realising that a lot of students are comfortable using WhatsApp, we encourage them to send their queries and provide necessary support promptly.