Sweden is a prominent Scandinavian country in northern Europe. Sweden’s historical name was Svithiod and Stockholm has been its capital since 1523. Located between Norway and Finland, Sweden occupies an area of 528,447 sq.km with 15% of its area covering the Arctic circle. Sweden offers an enjoyable climate although winters can be harsh especially in the northern part of the country. This beautiful Nordic country has a lot to offer with respect to natural beauty, job opportunities, education, extravagant lifestyle, and a matchless work-life balance. The national language is Swedish and other languages spoken are Finnish, German, Danish, French, and English. It has a population of 10 million and offers a lifestyle that is different from other European countries. The majority of the population lives in the Stockholm-Gothenburg-Malmö triangle. In Sweden, one can expect high salaries, low unemployment rates, employee-friendly labor laws, and world-class infrastructure. The public transport system in Sweden is appreciated by anyone who visits Sweden. In terms of culture, Swedes are welcoming, disciplined, law-abiding citizens and like to keep their personal space from outsiders. Fika (breaks during work hours) and Lagom (everything in the right amount) is the hallmark sign of Swedish work culture. Sweden is a place for those who want to live a balanced life with ample opportunities to involve themselves in outdoor activities.


Sweden has a flourishing economy with an annual GDP growth rate of 2.2%. The tax system in the country assures a healthy and prosperous life for all citizens. Industrialization has been followed by massive urbanization and an increase in immigrants. In recent years almost all multinational corporations have opened offices in Sweden thereby making it an international hub for research and development in every field. Swedish companies value their employees as much as their business, hence getting a job in Sweden is competitive but not impossible. Obtaining a master’s or a Ph.D. in Sweden places you much closer to the job vacancies in Sweden. Sweden is home to famous universities like the Lund University, Stockholm University, Uppsala University, Karolinska Insitute, Gothenburg University, KTH Royal Institue of Technology. Research and doctorate degrees in Sweden are considered to be prestigious in their respective fields in any country. The most studied fields in Sweden are Technology, Architecture, scientific research, Environmental science, Fine Arts, Engineering, and Management. Continuing advanced education in Sweden is highly lucrative and international students get a stay back of 6 months to 1 year to search for jobs after completing their degree.


The higher education system in Sweden is built on the values of equality and therefore equal access to education is a priority. Swedish universities have no upper age limit making education a lifelong opportunity. Independent studies and critical innovative thinking is given utmost importance at the college level which transforms students into efficient professionals who can make crucial decisions in their field of study. The average workload for students is 30 credits per semester. Universities have adopted a credit system that is in alignment with the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). A total of 14 public universities and 17 public university colleges and a number of independent institutions make up the higher education system in Sweden. The average percentage of foreign students in Swedish universities is 12.7%. The post-graduate program applicants must have completed 3 years of undergraduate education. The doctorate degree is acquired under the personal supervision of a committee and senior faculty members. Some students might want to pursue a licentiate degree in place of doctoral studies This research degree normally takes 2 years and is equivalent to a master's degree in the United States. A master’s degree in Sweden is usually 75% of course studies and 25% a research thesis submission.


The approximate average cost of education in Sweden in USD per year is


Tuition Fees (variable: university and program) Application fees (variable: university and program)
Public Private
$9100 $16,500 $11000- $26000 $75-90


Tuition Fees (variable: university and program) Application fees (variable: university and program)
Public Private
$11100 - $26900 $27600- $34900 $85-$100

The approximate average cost of living in Sweden per year is:

Living Expenses (Variable: city, locality, lifestyle)
Accommodation $10700 - $17000
Food $2,500- $5000
Travel $600-1300
Books and Stationery $1500- $1300
Other- clothes, entertainment, internet, etc $2510 - $8310
Total $17810- $32910


Some of the scholarships offered to international students in Sweden are:


In order to obtain a student visa along with a residence permit to stay and study in Sweden longer than 3 months, you must be admitted to a full-time program at an accredited Swedish university.

Sweden allows you to extend your stay after completing your course for 12 more months to find a job. You will have to submit thorough documentation to the embassy in order to apply for a student residence permit. This includes your passport, proof of financial status, proof that you have enough money to support your stay in Sweden, letter of acceptance from the university, health insurance policy, etc. The permit is usually granted for 1 year, this means you need to renew your permit for subsequent years of your stay in Sweden as a student. Depending on the profile and country of residence, you may require a travel visit visa to enter Sweden. You can work on a student residence permit. However, jobs for students are limited, and you are expected to allot 40 hours per week to study and coursework. Also, you need to know basic Swedish language to grab most job opportunities in Sweden.

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