Why USA is the most popular study abroad destination?

USA the biggest economy in the world is federal republic and is the most popular study abroad destination hosting 1,078,822 post-secondary students from all over the world out of which 3/4th of the students are from Asia. According to various reputed World Rankings Systems like Times Higher Education, QS Higher Education and Shanghai Jiao Tong University's Academic Ranking, USA can boast of being home to most of the top universities in the world.

USA is the third largest country in size with diverse geographical landscape and climatic conditions with a long colonial history and being a land of opportunity for immigrants for centuries. This multi-cultural and multi ethnic country is the third largest country population wise and consists of 50 states and borders Canada at the north and Mexico at the South, thus covering a major expanse of North America.

Owing to the varied climate types like snow-capped mountains, Arctic climate of Alaska, to arid regions and tropical regions of Hawaii, the USA can boast of huge variety of flora and fauna along with ample of natural resources. Its variety is not limited to climate only but extends to its population, very aptly being called the melting pot. The US culture is mixture of various cultures as its population consists of immigrants of various ethnicities and nationalities. A secular and democratic country with equal respect to all religions and cultures. The US economy is most technology advanced and world’s leading economy with wide range of industries especially emphasizing the significance of innovation and advancement in fields of technology, medical science, defence, aerospace and many more.


What are the top reasons to study in USA ?

The top reasons to study in USA are

Worlds most renowned universities:

USA is home to world’s most famous and top ranked Universities. It also has the highest number of institutions offering quality higher education in diverse fields. The faculties at these institutions are the leading contributors to their fields and hence offer an excellent learning experience to the students. With an emphasis on research and innovation, these institutions are a hallmark for the cutting edge technology and excellence in learning offered.

International Reputation:

The institution in US are accredited by various governing and accreditation bodies. These institutions have to adhere to strict quality measures, teaching methods and other criteria and parameters that ensure quality education. The degrees and education awarded by the US Institution have a high regard worldwide which open the door of opportunities to the students to work anywhere with a degree of international repute.


USA is called the land of opportunities. The booming economy and ever increasing industry and business provide a lot of avenues for the students for practical learning, industrial training and ideal work environment. A lot of the institutions and programs have training as a completion criterion thus enforcing the need to have practical exposure in the field of study. The career service at the institution not only helps in tracking or finding a suitable internship or job but also helps in preparing the students in facing interviews to get the right job.


The variety that the country offers makes it possible to select a University that appeals to your preferences of climate, level of urbanisation, cost, and course specialisation. The education system is designed in such a way that you have the flexibility to select courses of your choice and at your pace while maintaining high standards of quality. Thus you can fine tune your course to fit your academic roadmap.

Open and welcoming culture:

US culture is synonymous to a melting pot where people of various backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities come together to make this nation great. A whole hearted acceptance of diverse cultures and races gives you the freedom to move around, learn, express and live a happy and free life in true sense. An active social life where you can enjoy diverse cuisines, entertainment and most significantly learn about various cultures thus ruling out the possibility of home-sickness, by offering a vibrant and open atmosphere.

Innovation and Research:

The US Educational Institutions can take pride in the fact that they lead the nations efforts to seek advancement in every field through the research projects and incubation centres that undertake advanced research where the students get opportunities to work with most successful minds in their fields of study. Thus your quest for innovation and research is completely satisfied at these learning institutions that offer high standards of education.


What is the education structure in US?

The US education system is well known for its standards and quality teaching. It can be divided in three levels primary (age 5-12), secondary (age 12-18), tertiary (age 18 upwards). Mostly the international students enrol for tertiary level which includes Bachelors (Undergraduate degree), Masters (Graduate Degrees), PhD (Doctoral programs) and Associate degrees as well. Control on the educational system, standards, curriculum, fees is mostly decentralised and with local governments, organisations, committees and so on. The institutions can be further categorised based on the funding and support provided by government or private institutions or entities which makes them either public or private institution. Though the standard and quality of education irrespective of the fact of whether it’s a private or public institution is ensured as they are usually governed by accrediting bodies and councils.

The students enjoy a lot of activities on the campus apart from quality education through participation in various clubs, forums and support groups.

The academic calendar in US is usually divided mostly in two semesters Fall and Spring. The most popular intake is Fall followed by Spring and very few offer Summer intake as well.

Fall (Aug-Dec)

Spring (Jan –May)


What is the cost of studying in USA?

The cost of studying in the US will majorly be the expense of the tuition which varies depending on the course, the location of the university, and the degree. Usually the Tuition at the Public Universities is lesser than that at the Private Universities. The Tuition Expense can vary from 5000 USD to 50000 USD per year based on your course specialisation and the university.

The Living expenses will vary depending on your choice of accommodation and location. Usually the Living Expenses may vary between 5000 USD to 8000 USD. These costs can shoot up depending upon your standard of living. The medical insurance is mandatory which can cost up to 1000 USD per year.

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Admission Letters / I-20 / CAS Generation
Financial Counselling & Budgeting With Visa Assistance
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Visa Assistance
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PHASE IV - Post Visa/Pre-Departure assistance (Complimentary)
Education Loan Support
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What scholarships are available to study in USA

There are various scholarshop oppportunities available for studying in USA as the US education system with a high quality also provides ample of opportunities for the students to financially aid their education. These funds/aid/scholarships could be financial need based or academic merit based. Every University may have a different scholarship to offer based on the course or degree level and sometimes based on the home country of the student.

There are various types of scholarships about which you research online. For the University scholarships, you should contact your schools financial aid services to understand if you are eligible for any scholarship opportunity.

The various types of scholarships are University scholarships offered by most of the universities to the international students. The financial and Merit based scholarships are based on your financial need and your academic merit respectively. The country based scholarships are offered to international students coming from specific countries. The Government and Private scholarships are provided by the government and some private donors to the international students.

To name a few government and private scholarships

  • The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship
  • The Civil Leadership Awards
  • The Fulbright Commission
  • The American Association of University Women
  • The Next Gen Scholarship
  • The P.E.O. International Peace scholarship


What are the USA student VISA requirements

The various types of visas available for international students to study in USA are Study VISA F and M: for academic and vocational studies Exchange Visitor VISA J: for participation in an approved exchange program.


  • After receiving an admission from the university or school, Request the I-20 to the school.
  • Within 90 days of the start date as mentioned on the I-20, book a VISA appointment.
  • To book a VISA appointment fill the DS-160 form (US travel docs) on the basis of the information on your I-20. (SEVIS)
  • Generate the MRV fee receipt which is your VISA fees to be paid to the Consulate.
  • Pay the VISA fees of $160 as per your MRV fee receipt.
  • Within 8-48 hours the portal will activate your VISA appointment calendar.
  • You will first need to book the OFC(Biometric) appointment and then the actual VISA interview date. Both should be booked in one go.
  • Confirm the date and email the appointment confirmation letter to yourself as you need to carry the print on your OFC as well as interview appointment.

Documents Required

USA - Documents for OFC Appointment

  • DS-160 Confirmation Page
  • Visa Appointment Letter
  • SEVIS Fee Receipt & $160 VISA Fee Receipt
  • I-20 & Passport (Original & one photocopy)

Additional Checklist of Documents to carry for VISA Interview

  • Passport (Proof of identity)
  • VISA Interview letter and VISA Fee receipt ($160)
  • Copy of SEVIS Fee Payment Receipt ($200)

Proof of acceptance

  • I-20 (Student’s copy which is your proof of acceptance)
  • Admission Letter / Offer Letter from University
  • Correspondence with University (If available)


Proof of financial capability

  • Affidavit of Support (If Applicable) & Consolidated Financial Statement
  • IT returns- Sponsors (Last 3 years)
  • Bank Balance Letter and Passbooks
  • All Investment Documents
  • Movable Assets Valuation Report (Jewellery)
  • Immovable Assets Valuation Report (Property)
  • Agreement/Deed, Share Certificate, Maintenance Receipts

Proof of eligibility

  • Academic Documents & Transcripts
  • GRE / TOEFL Scores Reports
  • Resume & SOP
  • Extra-Curricular Achievements Certificate
  • Work Experience Letter / Offer Letter

Additional Documents

  • Driving License
  • Passport Copies and any other Miscellaneous Documents.

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