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Ireland is an European island nation located on the western side of England. It is the continent's second-largest island, first being Great Britain. The Country’s capital Dublin is home to 0.544 million people. Ireland’s population is 5,068,050. The main languages spoken are English and Gaelic. Ireland’s currency is Euro. Irish people have great respect and affection for natural and rural life.

WHY STUDY IN Ireland ?

A scarcely populated, yet safe and efficient country Ireland is a known for enjoying rapid economic growth in the second of the twentieth century.

This fast development and prosperity has also given Ireland some allure of such a strident economy and the ease of doing business proving hard to resist for many immigrants. It is also known for its cleanliness – famously, as well as for its punctual public transport and clear roads filled with gleaming automobiles.


Higher education system in Ireland divided into 3 types of Institution


  • There are 7 Irish universities and they are state-funded, They operate autonomously. There are seven universities in Ireland offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs across a broad spectrum of disciplines and areas of study.

Institute of Technology:

  • These institutions provide education and training programs in areas such as science, business, linguistics, engineering, and music across certificate, diploma and degree levels. There are total 14 institutes of technology with separate sets of programs, courses and credit requirements. These programs should be pursued directly with the institution.

Colleges of Education:

  • Colleges of education solely provide specialized training to aspiring three-year Bachelor of Education and an 18-month postgraduate diploma.

Private College:

  • Third-party private colleges offer education and training in specialist areas such as vocational training, art, and design, medicine, business studies, rural development, theology, music, and law. Qualifications are offered across vocational, certificate and degree levels, but differ considerably depending on the institution and study program. Students are advised to confirm the exact nature of qualifications offered directly with their host institution.


  • A full-time Bachelors degree in a general study is for 3 to 4 years long. In fields of architecture, veterinary science and dentistry the duration may be of 5 years. Students may be awarded a Bachelors Degree as a General Degree, Honours Degree or BA (Special Degree), depending on the nature of the program they attend.


  • Degree programs on offer are unique to each institution with separate credits and subject requirements. Programs are categorized via departments based on the general field of study they are in, and again depending on the area within that field. Master’s degrees are typically one-two years in duration and usually involve coursework and a thesis. Ph.D. studies are usually three years in duration.


  • Postgraduate qualifications offered in Ireland are either a Postgraduate Diploma, Masters Diploma or Ph.D. Programs can be taught or research-based. Postgraduate Diplomas may be vocational in nature and linked to professions teaching or librarianship. In some cases, these diplomas may be used as a bridging qualification towards a master’s degree in the same field.

Irish education culture largely resembles that of the UK’s education system: students are expected to work and maintain a sufficient academic standard throughout the

Examinations are held at the end of semester one (mid-year) and again at the end of semester two (finals). Passing percentage is 40%.

Professors welcome students to offer new perspectives on a topic and will often have consultation hours where students can schedule appointments with them to discuss ideas or concepts covered in class.


What is the cost of studying in Ireland?

Tuition Fees (variable: university and program) Application fees (variable: university and program)
Public Private
$10,200- $20,600 $22800- $50500 $55-$100
Tuition Fees (variable: university and program) Application fees (variable: university and program)
Public Private
$10800- $25500 $20600- $42000 $20600- $42000

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PHASE I - Applications & Admissions
Academic & Financial Background Assessment
University or College Selection 5 options
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Assistance In Filling Up Online Application Forms
Test Score Reporting Assistance
Financial Aid / Scholarship / GA / TA / RA Assistance
Complimentary IELTS DIY (Do It Yourself) Plan
PHASE II - Documentation Support
Letters Of Recommendation (Editing and proof reading) 3 Only 3 Only
Statement Of Purpose (Editing and proof reading) 1 Only 1 Only
University or College Essays (Editing and proof reading)
PHASE III - Follow-up & Visa Support
Admission Letters / I-20 / CAS Generation
Financial Counselling & Budgeting With Visa Assistance
Coordination With Institutions For Admissions
Selecting The ‘Right’ University / College For Visa
Visa Assistance
(Strictly as per the rules & regulations of any Country's Embassies & Consulates)
PHASE IV - Post Visa/Pre-Departure assistance (Complimentary)
Education Loan Support
FOREX Support (All Global Currencies)
Assistance In Selecting The Student Health Insurance
Assistance In Procuring The Air Tickets
Support In Tuition Fees Payment To Institutions Abroad
On-Campus Assistance / Emergency Help
Assistance In Further Career Development
Free Portal Access
Advanced Dashboard to track your process
Free Resume Builder
Regular Email Updates
Free Access To Webinars, Forums, Blogs
Dedicated Advisor
Email & Phone Support
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Few of scholarships awarded to international and national students in Ireland are:-

  • Irish Aid funded Fellowship Training Programme
  • DIT Centenary Scholarship Programme
  • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology scholarships
  • Claddagh Scholarship Programme
  • Opportunities in Ireland for Ontario College Graduates
  • Fulbright Scholarships
  • Postgraduate Fellowships: The Walsh Fellowships
  • UCC Excellence Scholarships
  • Undergraduate scholarships
  • Graduate scholarships
  • UCD Scholarships


What are the Ireland student VISA requirements

If you are planning to take up a course for more than 3 months duration the you have to apply for a students visa. You have to ensure that you satisfy all the required criteria before you make your visa application. Students are allowed to apply for a visa 3 months before their date of travel to Ireland.

Students have to apply for a visa. Once it is completed you can follow the instructions for next steps like Biometrics.

Some student are exempted from visa fee and some students may be required to pay additional charges as well. The website of the Visa Office/Embassy/Consulate show all the details about student visa.

We suggest not to purchase travel tickets before your visa is approved. Processing times can be different for each country and volume of visa applications for that period. Usually, a decision is made within 8 weeks from the date your application was registered at the Visa Office/Embassy/Consulate. The visa approval may take longer if there are discrepancies in your application related to documents and overall profile. Visas are processed by the Visa Office, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service.

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