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The idea of studying abroad in a reputed university and exploring global career options is very fascinating for any student. Although, there is a lot of planning and preparation required to be done by the student before he obtains admission into a foreign university studying abroad is always a good decision. It studying abroad is expensive and students should properly implement their plan to avoid confusion and wrong decisions. Overseas education has a different value on your CV. Earning a degree from foreign university not only makes you more suitable for employment but gives you a lifetime of learning experience. The global education industry is expanding beyond horizons and is ready for a revolution that will create many opportunities. Some recent additions to the most preferred countries for studying abroad are:

Study Abroad Countries

  1. Sweden
  2. Poland
  3. Japan
  4. Dubai
  5. Latvia
  6. Hungary
  7. Belgium
  8. Norway
  9. Finland

These countries have comparatively lower tuition fees, however, the cost of living might be higher in Nordic countries. The education system in these off-bit destinations offers great quality and immense

opportunities for students. In that sense, they are less competitive as the student population is low.

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