FALL 2021 Intake Guidance for Study Abroad 2021 - Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Impact


If you are a student aspiring to study abroad, you may find it difficult to do so taking into consideration the current rules and restrictions while commuting from one place to another for preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. After graduation, most students apply to Universities abroad for their post-graduation and become a part of the Spring or the Fall intake for that year.

The students initially finish their graduation in June and hence apply for their post-graduation right away during Fall in September or they wait and apply during Spring in March. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantages of the Fall intake are the number of courses it offers, the employment opportunities are higher than in Spring, and the fact that one will finish his/her post-graduation before the students who apply for the Spring intake. On the other hand, applying in Spring is an easier transition as one does not apply with thousands of students, there is increased staff support, one of the biggest advantages is the mentorship programs which help you for on-time graduation.

In the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the education systems worldwide have been affected drastically leading to a temporary closure of schools, universities, and colleges. Despite this, many Universities are trying their best to function during the ongoing pandemic. Many Universities have canceled all their lectures till further notice. The current situation has forced Educational institutions to suspend teaching in physical classrooms and transition to an online medium by conducting online lectures. Even though this transition has been a smooth one for private institutions, public schools and universities are still adapting. This online education is conducted by either recorded lectures or by live webinars and lectures. Zoom is the main medium through which these online lectures are conducted. Universities have also stated that the admissions of international students will not be overlooked.

The entire world is trying to find a cure for the Coronavirus, stabilize the way of life, and protect the countries’ economies from crumbling down. Many research institutions have combined forces to create a vaccine for the virus, that of course is no easy feat as there is no base for research. Months of research, collection of information regarding the problem, trial, and error lead to the formation of a cure for a disease. Initially, a vaccine for the Coronavirus may be developed by the end of the year or by mid-2021.

Some countries such as Spain, France, Italy, New Zealand, etc are ready to lift the lockdown as strict rules and regulations were adopted by these countries at an earlier stage. The UK estimates a lift in the lockdown just after a few months. Even though the lockdown may be lifted, there is no official statement from the above-mentioned countries until now about whether the educational institutions will be working in a physical capacity.

It is advised that students right away start planning their studying abroad process for Fall-2021 if one wants to travel to the designated University. Online lectures however will be held so preferably the admissions of the international students will not be delayed further. In relevance to the recent situation at hand, it is not a long shot to say that things will be looking better by the fall of 2021 for the students who aim to study abroad.

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