FALL / SPRING 2022/23 Priority Admissions Abroad

We started our Admissions for the year (FALL / SPRING) 2022 .

Grad-Dreams has a well defined study abroad process. After a lot of experience and analysis of application acceptance/rejection ratio, we have observed that "Early you Start, better are your chances of getting accepted by the institution of your choice". There are a lot of important steps between your decision of studying abroad and the time when you actually fly to your dream study destination. Its a complex and time consuming process.

The admission process has already started (January / May / August 2022 batch) and its highly advisable that you start your process now!

If you are a student planning for your Bachelors, Masters, PhD or Executive Education studies abroad, then you take appointment with our Enrollment Specialist & discuss your study plan in detail.

We have a range of services and help the student in every step and task (A to Z) of this time consuming process. Our trained staff, streamlined processes, a robust online software for students and association with world class universities guarantees best admission results for you. Do check our packages that suits your study abroad plan.

Start the process early for best results

Starting early gives you an all inclusive access to all the Universities. Starting late implies hasty documentation, running around for recommendation letters & essays, last minute panic and narrow choice of universities. Grad-Dreams can still have a workaround, even if you come late to us we work out the best possible options for you at that point of time. Yet you cannot deny the advantage of starting early for an average student.

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