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Grad-Dreams Blog is created with the sole motive of providing and sharing information regarding the overseas education process. We want this to be a platform where students, parents and others can share any information they believe is crucial and will be beneficial to other students who aspire to study abroad. We have study abroad articles on various topics like Study in USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, France, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. The topics on this blog shares vital information regarding education abroad in myriad of courses in science, technology, business, hospitality management, medicine and other fields. As Grad-Dreams prepares students for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT and GMAT our blog covers articles on preparation tips for the same. Grad-Dreams assists students in realising their study abroad dreams through various services, the steps for which are also elaborated in some articles. Definitely explore our blog and write to us if you want us to write an article about any particular aspect of the study abroad process.

We believe that our study abroad blog should be a collaborative effort to share knowledge about overseas education. Hence, we encourage and invite you to write your own story, point of view or articles sharing any interesting experience or incident which will be reviewed and published under your name. Your article can highlight facts or provide useful links that may benefit the audience of this blog

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